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Araya Sushi Asian Grill

(L) Soft Shell Crab Roll and (R) Red Devil Roll

 STT Roll
Our favorite!!!

Ama Ebi
Sweet Raw Jumbo Shrimp
This is my husbands favorite dish. You eat the head too which is the best part! (So I'm told)

 Fireball Shrimp. My only regret with this dish is that I didn't discover it earlier! I love this appetizer. You must order it! So many flavors, you will enjoy each bite.

(L) Black Dragon Roll and (R) STT Roll

This Sushi, Thai restaurant is located in North Naples located 2650 Immokalee Road 

Not only is the food tantalizing, they have great service. We are able to get in and out for lunch in about 30 minutes. Not bad for having a fresh Sushi Thai Lunch. When you stop in as you must try this place, tell Pinky and Pookie Rachel said Hello!

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